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Magical ★ Monsters
Magical ★ Monsters

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oops i kind of fixed her face;;

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i have discovered the love of drawing traditional

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Unfortunately I am now back from the fun and wonderful vacation I had in California T__T
Now to work on commissions…………………………………………………………

07-16 / 8:56


HELLO!!! I’ll be at AX14 (4 days!!)
I’m not selling but I will definitely be hanging around the artist alley a ton!
If you’re going to AX, please come by the table at B31 where my friends Nadja, Miraya, and Sylvia will be selling!!!!! (buy all their stuff)  

Theres a chance you’ll find me there if you even care!

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important guide to my oc’s

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art trade with porcelainmushrooms on dA!

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commission for obssiin!

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some doodles

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lovin’ the bert

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hello!!! ive been super busy and kind of hating drawing but hopefully i wont be that dead soon

i gotta finish these over-due commissions and dont want them to be crappy!!

and sorry to the anon who sent me some things to do from that art meme and i never did them ;_; i meant to but then days became weeks and i might just do that meme all together sometime in the future!

i think summer is when i can come back to this blog and dA and be alive

work and school has been taking up every day and hour i kind of..have…so SUMMER IS THE ONLY HOPE!!!

04-12 / 8:51 / 3 notes

kuriko asked: 3 5 18 20

3.In a school uniform

i cant draw uniforms omg

5.In underwear

she has boring underwear

18. As a kid/adult

20. Sleeping

not for others eyes

03-09 / 1:36 / 17 notes

sheep-herder-who-makes-hats asked: 10, 12 :^)

10:Least favorite thing to draw?


12. Any weird artist behavior you admit doing?

i gotta have like 238754893839484iuo8439 windows open of art from my inspiration folder sitting there in SAI and then i never look at them ever again. they just sit there,….waiting…..sadly…..never to be looked at

(couldnt think of anything„,)

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